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Film Night x JIG SPACE

Our first film night showcasing the diversity of Vancouver's local artists.

Event Date:

  • April 1, 2022 - 7:30 PM

Event Details:

  • Doors open at 7:00 pm. Come check out our space before the screening!

  • There will also be a post-screening reception with complimentary snacks!

  • Festival seating

  • Free parking in our parking lot

  • Vaccine Passports will be scanned at the door.


  • $17.50 (including tax) online

  • $20.00 (including tax) at the door

  • Tickets are available on Eventbrite!

Wide Stance Dance (5 minutes)

2 Asian-Canadians confront their internalized smallness, and finally learn to take up space through humour, dance, and wide stances. 


Co-directors, Choreograhers, & Dancers: Amanda Sum (@amanduhsum) and Justin Calvadores (@jpcalvadores)

Cinematographer: Jo Hirabayashi

Editor: Jo Hirabayashi

Music: Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi

Colourist: So Young Park

Crew: Dan Loan

Mentorship: Nancy Lee

Special Thanks: Sarah Wong and Linda Sum

This film was commissioned by F-O-R-M and Company 605 as part of the 2021 Commissioning Funds

Spilled Water Never Returns (6 minutes)

Pat attempts to stop his gum from bleeding and to claim a bet from an old friend, who has lost touch since a paddleboarding accident.

Writer/Director/Animator: Anthony Kit Lee (@antoine_en_anglais)

Collaborator: Garvin Chan 

Phosphene 10.jpg

Phosphene (5 minutes)


Phosphene searches for the harmony between the acoustics and the image of sound. The film’s soundscape comprises natural and industrial sounds from the west coast of Canada. Inspired by these sounds, the image was created through cymatics-- a process that visualizes sound vibrations through various liquid mediums.

Creator: Colin Williscroft (@bnsnk_)

The Cycle of Life featuring Guo Yan & Pepe
Hidalgo (5 minutes)


The short film features artists Guo Yan and Pepe Hidalgo, two artists from different languages and cultures. The story reveals how two artists collaborate on artworks given communication barrier, the cultural difference when two exchange ideas spiritually through their painting and creation process. The film also introduces their eight past collaborations through 2019-2022.

Director: Daniel Shi

Producer: Rachel Chen (@linseasky)

Director of Photography: Patrick Gong

Photography: Olivia Lin

Holly (11 minutes)

When an experimental therapy technique leads to the death of her dog, Olga must turn to that same therapist to help her heal.

Written and Directed by Sean Patrick Brennan (@hellothisissean)

Director of Photography Ciaran Davis McGregor

Story by Sean Patrick Brennan & Ciaran Davis McGregor

The Comfort of a Lie (9 minutes)


The Comfort of a Lie prompts its audience to embrace a state of discomfort. Employing elements that originate from both visual and auditory uneasiness, this piece is a confrontation with instability. The Comfort of a Lie does not aim to provide the viewer with a pleasurable experience; rather, the piece aspires to negotiate uncomfortable factors and have its audience do the same.


Director: Kevin Kiju Kim (@iamkiju)

Choreographer/Performer: Anja Graham (@anja_graham)

Composer: Sebastian Ortiz Cruz (@sbstn3)

Assistant Director: Colin Williscroft (@bnsnk_)

Director of Photography: Peter Lee (@the.plee)

Assistant Camera: Valeria Khan (@kvel_f)

Comb (13 minutes)

A fragmentary wandering of three friends, combing over a nighttime beach in Birch Bay on December 30th, 2019.


Director: Sam Mason (@sammmaeson)

Featuring: Amber Nordstrand, Sena Yurika, Howard Dai

In Another Life (15 minutes)

A soul split into two, come together to meet once again after being separated from one another for

several centuries.


Director: Asad Yahya (@trippinonasad)

Starring Alexander Jones & Justin Anthony

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