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Arts & Music Specials

Jig Space was founded with dedication to Vancouver's Arts & Music scenery.  We strongly support Arts and Music culture, especially to our future generations.  As such we have special programs tailored to Arts & Music.

Recital Programs:

We offer 2-3 hr rentals to music & stage performance recitals.  We can also help set up Recital Days where multiple recitals can take place from different classes so you can have a world-class venue with amazing videography in our acoustically treated Multi-Purpose Room

Artwork & Performer Photography

We also offer special photography studio rental.  We can also help set up an Art photography Day for multiple young artists/artworks professional photoshoot in our one of a kind Infinity Photo Studio.  How about a video production show-casing how you create your art?


Art Exhibition

Jig Space hosts many Art Events throughout the year.  Whether you are an artist, gallery, or agent/planner, contact us to 

exhibit & market your artistic passion!

Programs & Learning


Wether it is a single master class or semester learning, Jig Space offers flexible rental options for students and teachers to advance art & music learning.  We can also assist in bundling different art & music background together to offer a comprehensive learning environment.


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