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拾忆 Shi Yi Tea Ceremony Winter 2021

An afternoon with warm tea, small plates, media design, and new memories.

Tea Specialist: Wei Cheng

Photography by: Roy Hoh

拾忆 Shi Yi Experience is a seasonal private event hosted by JIG SPACE with the options of a tea ceremony or dinner experience


Both of our events are shaped around the term 拾忆 (Shi Yi) which means to recall and create memories. Through this experience, we would like to cultivate an artistic experience revitalizing certain aspects of the traditional Chinese culture that we feel have been forgotten.

Additionally, Shi Yi is a homophone for "食艺,” (Shi Yi), meaning "food and art." By harmonizing these two concepts of "memories," and "food and art," we've created an immersive experience featuring cuisine, tea, art, ambiance, and memories


Let's reminisce and cultivate both old and new memories together!

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